Chinese medicine makes use of a "Scientific Language"

There is a specific and scientific language that is used to speak about Chinese Medicine, which for a scholar of the Chinese language is a rich field of study. For most the study of Chinese Medicine in it's original language is not a practical option. However, a person can learn much about Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture specifically without knowing Chinese, and reading original materials.

Terminology of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

In 1998 the number of English language texts on Chinese Medicine were very limited - now the situation has greatly improved. The Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine has greatly contributed to a more rigorous interpretation and transliteration of the necessary vocabulary. In the preface to the book there is an excellent discussion of the importance of using a clear and specific language to communicate about the medicine. I agree with the authors and their premise that the language of Chinese medicine is directly connected with a functional understanding of what it really is.

Chinese Medical Dictionaries

In China there is an abundance of medical dictionaries and every student of the medicine is required to study the traditional texts. This is not yet practical in the United States, as it would require a student to master Chinese if they were interested to learn how to practice the medicine. For a non-native speaker this would most likely prevent them from going forward. How is this issue to be reconciled?

The Human Experience Transcends Culture

As human beings we are all having our personal experience of life - which is not a personal experience in itself. The issues that we face, the suffering that we experience, and the joy we hope for is common to all humanity. It is for that reason that Acupuncture can be such a profound tool. Acupuncture is a direct experience, and the teaching it offers is in us - in the body itself. The more we study, and experience Acupuncture - the more profoundly it will transform us - the way that we think, and the experiences which we have.

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