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Simple Acupoints Code

The site structure is organized in a logical manner calculated using the Acupuncture Algorithm. Starting from the Root the meridian is added to the URL: The Sequence of Qi Begins at 3:00 AM with Lung (Inspiration) The web address with the ACUPUNCTURE ALGORITHM will be: The second point will be: /lung/1-2-2 “the […]

Charts and Diagrams

Acupuncture MindMap Links, Charts and Diagrams Hyperlinked PDF file : Acupoint descriptions : Actions and indications 361 Acupuncture Points Diagram : Meridian-Acupoint-Sequence : CODE Diagrams and Acupuncture MindMap Artwork Twitter LinkFeed – #AcupunctureMindMap – @361Acupoints


Chinese Medicine is one of the world’s great medical traditions. The strength of Chinese Medicine grows out of the principles on which it is based. The investigation of human experience in Chinese Medicine is based on certain assumptions. Life does not exist in isolation The assumption Chinese Medicine makes is that our experience is always […]

The 361 Points Tell a Story

Learning Acupuncture in school involved a serious amount of memorization. Personally, I learn best by integrating a new idea or experience into an existing framework of principles and experience. However, there was simply too much information to learn, and much of what I was learning was very foreign to my mindset, and my unconscious assumptions […]

How to Learn Acupuncture – 1

Acupuncture provides benefits to those who are receiving treatment. It also provides indications for psychological study and philosophical investigation. To understand how Acupuncture can be useful to you requires an open mind. You may know a great amount about Acupuncture, or you may know very little. Have you read the entire story from the beginning? […]

Acupuncture and the Yin Yang Interface

Most people are familiar with the most basic terminology of Chinese Medicine – Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are relative principles, which is to say they only have value relative to each other. If we generalize the principles of Yin and Yang we can see a correlation to Female and Male, Down and Up, […]

5.1.98 Ji Quan

Highest Source, One Heart, True Being Heart Meridian Center of axilla, medial side of axillary artery Entry This point is about the Source, the Creator, God. Heart One. God in us is not other than the God in all around us. Life outside is not other than that which is inside of us, they are […]


What is a Disease? Health and disease are universally important parts of the human experience. Disease is evidence of a failure to maintain a healthy state. It is easy to understand the importance of health, and while most people have come to associate medicine with disease – the true goal of Medicine is to promote […]

Introduction to the Acupuncture Code

Acupuncture as a clinical tool is well known • Acupuncture is more than a map of the body or manual of techniques • Acupuncture treatment directly supports greater health and wellbeing • Acupuncture is a powerful way to access intelligence within the body Acupuncture Communicates a Teaching Analysis of the “Acupuncture Hologram” shows that the […]


Acupuncture MindMap – Meridian-Point-Sequence 1 Lung – Metal Element 2 Large Intestine – Metal Element 3 Stomach – Earth Element 4 Spleen – Earth Element 5 Heart – Fire Element 6 Small Intestine – Fire Element 7 Bladder – Water Element 8 Kidney – Water Element 9 Pericardium – Fire Element 10 Triple Energizer – […]


Spirit of the Points The collected information on this site known to Acupuncturists as the “Spirit of the Points”. A detailed Matrix of Theoretical Associations can be found here: AcupunctureMindMap These links are simply a sketch of what will be here in the future: Acupuncture Theory – 5 Elements – Spirit Meridians – Point Classification […]

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