4.9.85 Yin Ling Quan

Yin Mound Spring, Yin Hill Stream

Spleen Meridian

Lower border medial condyle of tibia, btw posterior border of tibia and gastrocnemius

He-uniting, Water, SP divergent meridian departs from SP-9

This is a major control point for water in the body. Water and earth, if there is too much water the earth gets saturated and boggy, things won’t grow very well. Any farmer could tell you the importance of moisture in the soil for growing anything, having the right amount is critical. Excess water will cause restrictions of movement, swelling in the knees, hands, feet, etc. The person is bogged down, and there is a lack of motivation; depression. There can be symptoms on a mental level, a craving for sympathy. General weakness of whole body, pains in the legs, jumping legs. If there is too little water, there will be dryness, brittleness, hardness – no sympathy is wanted, there is little in the way of compassion. Tenderness on women indicates womb trouble. Regulates and the spleen, stomach, and Lower Burner; Penetrates to the interior and tonifies the Chong Mai; resolves dampness and damp heat; regulates the water pathways, promotes urination. Knee problems. Primary treatment point for all disorders which have a damp component: Damp related digestive disorders; damp heat, damp Bi syndrome, or regulation of the fluid metabolism. When the spleen is weak the processes of transformation and transportation will be effected, and there will be an accumulation of dampness over time; edema; obesity; etc. All trouble of the digestive tract and lower jiao, and especially dampness in the intestines. Stomach and intestinal pains; stomach ache, abdominal distention, lack of appetite; does not like food; swelling of the epigastrium, vomiting; lower abdominal cold and pain; diarrhea after eating, explosive diarrhea; belching; cholera; peritonitis; beriberi. Urinary problems of all types; lower back pain, urinary tract infection, painful obstruction, bladder or kidney stones; urethral inflammation; urinary incontinence or retention; dribbling urine; nephritis; ascites; edema. Weakness of the bladder sphincter- incontinence, loss of control, urine coming out in torrents: tonify. Skin disorders; urticaria; eczema. Sexual organs and genitals, spasm, pain; vaginal inflammation, leukorrhea; all tumors, fibroids etc.; prostate problems; prostatitis; seminal loss. Weakness in the legs, knee pain, cramp; arthritis. Gallbladder organ; hepatitis; jaundice.

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