13.22.331 Tian Tu

Celestial Chimney, Heaven Rushing Out, Celestial Spring

Conception Vessel

Center of suprasternal notch

Celestial Window, Point on Yang Wei Mai

For people imprisoned in darkness, living in state of pain, hunger, frustration, living under a cloud of darkness. Greater and faster than other windows, for the person who has no window. This point responds to gentle massaging. Submerged in phlegm, blocked, to throw out the rubbish of an asthma attack. A person who is cut off, depressed, drug addiction – a self-imposed prison, in a dark room, eye troubles, trouble hearing, person doesn’t want to converse. Positioned in the 5th Chakra, this point is about being able to express from your being, with creative self expression, a sense of movement, an opening. Emotions stuck inside, communication problems, fear of showing or sharing affection; hysteria, voice loss, problems associated with the expression of feeling and ideas, communication in its various aspects related to speaking, clears the voice. The neck makes the transition between earth and heaven, connects the heart and the head, this area is vital for getting oxygen to the brain, it enables you to be where you are even if you’re in pain. Think about air which rushes up and down the throat, the neck is the chimney of the upper burner. Consider this point and “closing the window” if someone comes to you completely spaced out, dazzled by Heaven. Use lower points to ground hysterical patients, with a bad trip you might sedate this. Reunion point of Yin and Yang with CV-4, CV-12 and GV-9, through CV-22, Yang Wei Mai is related to entire nervous system, directly linked to GV-9.

Stimulates the descending of lung Qi, benefits the throat, transforms and eliminates mucus, clears heat, stops cough. Asthma, bronchitis, common cold with sore and swollen throat, swollen glands, lung and throat mucus, abscess of lungs, coughing of blood or sputum, chest pain radiating to the back with labored breathing; cough, esophageal spasm, throat pain, inability to swallow food, dry cough; moistens the throat, hoarse voice, loss of voice, larynx, all kinds of cough and hoarseness: laryngitis, tonsillitis, whooping cough, spasms of the larynx, pain, inflammation, abscess of the throat, tightness under the tongue; acute spasms of the hyoidian muscles, cannot speak. Painful swelling of the front of the neck, parotitis (mumps), goiter, vomiting, hiccups, tongue stiffness, swelling of the back of the neck and shoulder pain. Ear: inflammation of eustachian tubes. Influences thyroid.

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