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You are Here to Try to Understand the Meaning of Your Choice

Biology displays Psychology

Acupuncture sees the mind and body as a Singular Event The Mind and the Body, Inside and Outside are corresponding worlds of experience. Chinese Medicine recognizes this Implicitly. • Mind and Body are One • Physical experience is Real • Consciousness is not Physical • Cause and Effect – Reflect The Physical World has a […]

Evolving Science Paradigms

– Disease is a Malfunction – ‎”Disease is a condition which arises in a living organism, animal or plant, where something malfunctions and impairs the normal operation of the organism. In “systems” terms, disease represents a disruption of one or more parts of a biological system, which in turn disrupts the interactions among various parts […]

How do you feel after acupuncture?

People respond to Acupuncture in many different ways. Generally the immediate result of Acupuncture is relaxation. The level of relaxation will depend on the nature of the issue and type of treatment. A general assumption is that stress is reflective of environment and circumstance. Therefor the effectiveness of any intervention will depend on the severity […]

Unique and Particular

Today consider this one idea: What is Unique and Particular? FOCUS point

Simple Acupoints Code

The site structure is organized in a logical manner calculated using the Acupuncture Algorithm. Starting from the Root the meridian is added to the URL: The Sequence of Qi Begins at 3:00 AM with Lung (Inspiration) The web address with the ACUPUNCTURE ALGORITHM will be: The second point will be: /lung/1-2-2 “the […]

How to be healthy

– The Simple Formula – There is a very simple formula that you can use to live a long and healthy life. Do more of the good – and less of the bad. We get what we pay for, and we must be willing to make the necessary efforts. Truth has consequences. Higher and Lower To be […]


Chinese Medicine is one of the world’s great medical traditions. The strength of Chinese Medicine grows out of the principles on which it is based. The investigation of human experience in Chinese Medicine is based on certain assumptions. Life does not exist in isolation The assumption Chinese Medicine makes is that our experience is always […]

The 361 Points Tell a Story

Learning Acupuncture in school involved a serious amount of memorization. Personally, I learn best by integrating a new idea or experience into an existing framework of principles and experience. However, there was simply too much information to learn, and much of what I was learning was very foreign to my mindset, and my unconscious assumptions […]

How to Learn Acupuncture – 1

Acupuncture provides benefits to those who are receiving treatment. It also provides indications for psychological study and philosophical investigation. To understand how Acupuncture can be useful to you requires an open mind. You may know a great amount about Acupuncture, or you may know very little. Have you read the entire story from the beginning? […]

Google Translate

In the upper left of the page just below the MindMap.ORG invitation is a Translate tool that when clicked opens a drop down with options for 53 languages. If you are reading this post and speak other languages please check it out and let us know what you think. It is a goal of this […]

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